Volume 38, Number 3, 2024

  1. Further results on I−deferred statistical convergence, 769-777
  2. Chiranjib Choudhury, Shyamal Debnath, Ayhan Esi

  3. Hadamard functional fractional integrals and derivatives and fractional differential equations, 779-792
  4. K. Balachandran, M. Matar, N. Annapoorani , D. Prabu

  5. Geometric realizations of homotopic paths over curved surfaces, 793-802
  6. James F. Peters, Roberto Alfano, Peter Smith, Arturo Tozzi, Tane Vergili

  7. Greville type {1, 2, 3}-generalized inverses for rectangular matrices, 803-809
  8. Cang Wu, Jianlong Chen

  9. On (B, C)-MP-inverses of rectangular matrices, 811-819
  10. Huihui Zhu, Yuxuan Yang

  11. Surface family interpolating a common spherical indicatrix curve, 821-831
  12. Fatma Güler, Ergin Bayram, Emin Kasap

  13. Pseudo-Ricci-Yamabe solitons on real hypersurfaces in the complex projective space, 833-853
  14. Young Jin Suh, Changhwa Woo

  15. Metallic shaped contact hypersurfaces of Kaehler manifolds, 855-859
  16. Cihan Özgür

  17. Geometric characterizations of almost Ricci-Bourguignon solitons on Kenmotsu manifolds, 861-871
  18. D. G. Prakasha, M. R. Amruthalakshmi, Young Jin Suh

  19. Almost automorphic colombeau generalized ultradistributions and linear ordinary differential systems, 873-890
  20. Fethia Ouikene

  21. I2-deferred statistical convergence for sequences of sets , 891-901
  22. Esra Gülle, Uğur Ulusu, Erdinç Dündar, Şükrü Tortop

  23. Time optimal controls for Hilfer fractional nonlocal evolution systems without compactness and Lipschitz condition, 903-918
  24. Shouguo Zhu, Gang Li

  25. Lie higher derivations on triangular algebras without assuming unity, 919-937
  26. Xinfeng Liang, Dandan Ren

  27. The MPWG inverse of third-order F-square tensors based on the T-product, 939-956
  28. Mengyu He, Xiaoji Liu, Hongwei Jin

  29. Lαp(R+n+1)- boundedness of pseudo-differential operators involving the Weinstein transform, 957-978
  30. Mohd Sartaj, S.K. Upadhyay

  31. Rough statistical convergence and rough ideal convergence in random 2-normed spaces, 979-996
  32. M. H. M. Rashid

  33. Dynamical behavior of solution of fifteenth-order rational difference equation, 997-1008
  34. Dağistan Şimşek, Burak Oğul, Fahreddin Abdullayev

  35. J-spaces and C-normal spaces: An algebraic perspective, 1009-1021
  36. Simo S. Mthethwa, Ali Taherifar

  37. Hyperbolic Ricci solitons on sequential warped product manifolds, 1023-1032
  38. Dilek Açıkgöz Kaya, Cihan Özgür

  39. On equidistant parabolic Kähler manifolds and geodesic mappings , 1033-1041
  40. Rana Mohammad, Mohsen Sheha, Josef Mikeš

  41. Anisotropic nonlinear elliptic equations with variable exponents and two weighted first order terms, 1043-1054
  42. Mokhtar Naceri

  43. On class of fractional impulsive hybrid integro-differential equation, 1055-1067
  44. Mohamed Hannabou, Mohamed Bouaouid, Khalid Hilal

  45. Initialization of the difference of convex functions optimization algorithm for nonconvex quadratic problems, 1069-1083
  46. Saadi Achour, Abdelaziz Rahmoune, Djamel Ouchenane, Asma Alharbi, Salah Boulaaras

  47. An inverse result for Wang’s theorem on extremal trees, 1085-1099
  48. Ivan Damnjanović, Žarko Ranđelović

  49. Some results on star-factor deleted graphs, 1101-1107
  50. Sufang Wang, Wei Zhang

  51. A bivariate probability generator for the odd generalized exponential model: Mathematical structure and data fitting, 1109-1133
  52. Mahmoud El-Morshedy, Mohamed. S. Eliwa

  53. Interpolation formulas for 1-harmonic functions on the unit circle, 1135-1142
  54. D. Lj. Djukić, N. M. Mutavdžić, R. M. Mutavdžić Djukić