Bosko Gajić is Full Professor and lecturer of Soil Physics, Soil Reclamation, Soil Erosion and Land Use at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture, and Director of Soil Management department. He received his B.Sc. in Agronomy (Faculty of Agriculture, Dept of Soil Management) at the University of Belgrade, Serbia (1987), M.Sc. in Irrigation at the Faculty of Agriculture, at the University of Belgrade, Serbia (1992), Ph.D. in Soil Physics at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture (1997). The domains of his scientific activities and expertise are: soil physics, pedology; water saving, crop evapotranspiration; irrigation scheduling optimization; application of GIS in soil science, environmental science and agronomy; land degradation, soil erosion, soil plant atmosphere continuum, soil pollutants. Participant in international and national research projects. President of Serbian Soil Science Society. Author of more than 30 publications in journals from SCI list. Author of two books for Bachelor studies: Soil Physics and Pedology, and two Practicum’s in Soil Physics and Pedology. Reviewer of several scientific journals in the field of soil and water resources management and environmental sciences.